Biden and Trump present contrasting views on the Palestinian protests on college campuses, reflecting divergent approaches for the 2024 election.

Biden emphasizes respect for peaceful protest while denouncing violent demonstrations in a speech at the White House, aiming to maintain support from the Democratic coalition and young voters.

Trump, in contrast, supports police crackdowns on protesters and portrays himself as the law-and-order candidate, seeking to appeal to independent voters and moderate Republicans.

Biden faces a political dilemma in addressing the protests, torn between alienating young voters by condemning protests and facing criticism from Trump for not taking a stronger stance against unrest.

Green Star

Biden attempts to navigate the middle ground, condemning violence while defending the right to peaceful protest, and addressing antisemitism while denouncing discrimination against Arab Americans.

Biden rejects calls for National Guard intervention in the protests, maintaining his stance on non-interference despite Republican demands.

Trump and Republicans use the protests to criticize Biden and Democrats, drawing parallels with previous demonstrations and downplaying the severity of the Jan. 6 Capitol attack.

Trump alleges a double standard in the treatment of liberal and conservative protesters, suggesting leniency towards liberal demonstrators compared to the consequences faced by his supporters involved in the Capitol riot.